Welcome to our Lives!

We pray that by sharing our lives - our joys and sorrows - our triumphs and tribulations  - you might be encouraged to know that the Lord and King of the Universe, Jesus Christ, is in the midst of every circumstance - on the mountaintops and in the valleys. 

We pray that you might see through our experiences that even in the darkest hour, He is there. We pray that you might be encouraged to run the race of life that is set before you with determination - to persevere in time of trial, knowing that no matter what befalls you, you can absolutely do all things through Christ who is our Strength, Comforter and Healer. With His help, you can finish this race of life victoriously, looking forward with excitement to the prize that is set before - eternal life with Him.

We are living in days of great apostacy and deception. As Christians, we must heed God's word to be sober and vigilant, standing strong against the enemy of our souls, or we will be deceived. God is exposing, sifting and purifying His bride - making her ready for the wedding feast to come. 

The Lord is looking for overcomers - those who, by the power of His Spirit, overcome this world and the things in this world. He is looking for a pure offering, covered by the blood of the One who died for our transgressions. He is looking for those who will spend all eternity with Him.

It is our prayer that we might in some way, help others find their Way to the King of kings and the Lord of lords. So, together we may glorify Him - giving Him honor and glory - for He is worthy of all of our praise!!! 
The Lord is our Savior - our Fortress - our Strength - our Rock - our Comforter - our Healer - our Redeemer - our Vindicator - our King - our Life - our everything!



"Children are blessings from the Lord. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them."
For over fifteen years, our family followed Jesus to the streets locally and nationally to stand against the scourge of abortion - proclaiming that children are gifts, blessings from a Holy God, the Creator of Life. We offered practical help to mothers who had no hope; and spoke out prophetically with the message that God hates the shedding of innocent blood - that He judges people and nations who trample His Word. Our whole family of seven children along with a vibrant home church actively served the Lord in this way. We went to the schools, court houses and even churches with this message. Our local abortion mill closed down after being in operation for 30 years. It is possibly one reason why we might have become a target of Satan. If this is true, we praise the Lord and are honored to be counted worthy to suffer loss for our God and King!                         Tom and Linda
The Lord gave us simple truths while raising our children.  It is our prayer that by sharing them, they might encourage others that in a world where raising overcomers for Jesus is getting harder and harder, it is still possible.
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